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Morocco Holiday Packages tours are custom-designed specifically for private or small groups, with a balanced mix of travelling, sightseeing, cultural encounters, and free time. Freedom and flexibility, that we provide, will make the most out of your authentic and personal travel experience. Our team will show you the best highlights and the unexpected. Moreover, we generally spend at least two nights in most places. Morocco Holiday Packages offer a diverse range of tours depending on the length of the journey from 1 day to 10 or 15 days throughout Morocco: Sahara desert, High Atlas Mountains, Ocean, Imperial cities, Rivers and ½ day discovering the old town or Medina of Marrakesh, Souks and Gala night. Our tours include a great deal of thoughtful and engaging sightseeing and activities, from guided city tour, camel ride experience in Palm Grove of Marrakesh, Moroccan cookery classes and visit of the souks “ market “. In major cities you’ll usually have time to explore on your own after a guided city tour. Traveling from one destination to another isn’t always just a transfer; it’s an added opportunity to visit a special village, historic site, or ancient ruin

Morocco Holiday Packages