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Headband store is an e-shop providing a wide range of headabands. Quality hair accessorizes made to last for women, girls and men. According to your style, bring some style in your hairstyle. Adopt a boho headband made with braids or flower prints. Floral fabric is a must-have to get this Bohemian touch in your hair. Match these headband wit a long dress, a pair of scandal and you are ready to party on a beach all night long. If you feel some rock vibes, fall for the leather collection. Pick one leather headband in black or in red, and wear it on a ponytail or on loose hair. A hairstyle to wear with a classic leather jacket and a dark blue jean. A serious rock'n roll look with no effort, perfect for parties or for your everyday life. For all the party lovers, adopt our rhinestone headbands that hold your hair all night long. Wear some strass on your hair that will make you glow in the middle of the night. The headband is a hair accessory whose power is still well underestimated. Timeless and timeless object that will accompany you for every occasion of your life to sublimate your hair. Whether it is the daily at work, it will bring you a touch of dress or wise. In the evening, the headbands made of rhinestones and pearls will offer you a glamorous and festive look. For the moments of pause and relaxation during weekends or escapades, the fabric headband will naturally style your hair for a casual look while elegance. FOR WOMEN WHO WANT A TIMELESS ACCESSORY THAT ENHANCES THEIR FACE AND UNDERLINES THEIR STYLE. THE HEADBAND AS THE NEW TIARA OF MODERN TIMES. Our collection of headbands will not only enhance your face and head carriage, but will also emphasize your queenly femininity and assert your style. OUR TRENDY AND MODERN HEADBANDS FOR TODAY'S WOMEN We have thought and designed each of our headbands as perfect little head jewels. STYLES THAT INSPIRED OUR HEADBAND DESIGNS We like to vary the styles and offer to each personality the hair accessory that will reveal it to the world of everyday life. That's why our collections trace : The Classic style. We wanted to transmit with our classic style headbands, a strong sense of femininity and class but in all simplicity. The icon that inspired this collection is a magnificent woman of elegance such as Audrey Hepburn. The Bohemian style. With its ideas related to nature and freedom in both thought and style. The headband is the signature accessory of a bohemian look. We have brought together small precious elements such as flowers, beads and fabric coupled with rhinestones and sequins to create hair accessories in this modern floral spirit. The result is chic and feminine bohemian headbands and headstraps for everyday wear, whether dressed up or down. One of the icons that inspired our collection is Vanessa Paradis. Rock style. Boldness and a touch of rebellion, the rock collection is here to shake up your wise side with a touch of crazy and sophisticated decadence. The materials are leatherette or metal. The colors chosen are black, red or even metallic gold and silver tones incorporated in our headbands. Our idol who represents this style is Debbie Harry. Chic style. For this chic collection, the inspiration for our head jewelry was drawn from the great luxury houses such as Chanel, Dior or Gucci to dream and create our little headbands that come from the great designers. We have elaborated head jewels with materials that are precious. You will find velvet, satin, pearls, crystals, as well as small golden jewels in the shape of a bee that will sublimate your femininity with great class. The one we admire for her class and her eternally chic side is the sublime Monica Bellucci. The festive style. To mark your holidays with an original and colorful accessory, we have put together a festive collection. You can now wear your hair in beads, sequins and multicolored rhinestones with our headbands. Shipping worldwide, free shipping

Headband store

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