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Epixel MLM Software provides various MLM software with data-driven business intelligence features and custom compensation engine and commissions. Succeed in MLM business, Epixel customizes the latest technology integration like third party e-commerce integration, e-learning platforms, cryptocurrency and blockchain, smart contract & token sales, customer relationship management (CRM), shipping and accounting management system, etc. Analyze the features of Epixel MLM Software: Our Services: MLM Software Blockchain-based decentralized apps Cryptocurrency development Crypto exchange and trading app Single and Multi-vendor E-commerce E-learning platforms Advanced Features: Data-driven business intelligence tools (BI), configuration for plan compensation and career rules, distributor and customer management, advanced payout system and various tools to meet internationalization needs. MLM Software Back-Office Features: Genealogy tree view, compensation engine, realtime Sales, earnings and payout information, view referral and team downlines, career goals and achievements, peer-to-peer fund transfer, multi-purpose wallets, prevents DDoS attacks, two factor or multi-factor authentication, KYC with GDPR compliant personal information management, distributor training module, exportable reports, and various tools for distributor development and retention. Promotional Tools: Replicated website, promotional landing page leads capturing, lead generation funnels and contact management, ad banners, flyers, and PPT presentations.

Epixel MLM Software