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Improve candidate experience through impact engagement.<br> <br> An initiative by Opportunityz.com to usher progress and significant improvement in Offer to Joining (OTJ) ratio.<br> <br> <b>What is Opportunityz.com?</b><br> <br> A platform that allows organizations to search and acquire info and make rational decisions while extending offers to candidates. Designed with a lot of insight that factors organizations data disclosure policies while allowing them to share and search information that is vital to make hiring decisions. Organizations can also seek feedback on the nature of their hiring process from offered candidates and as well understand reasons on why an offer decline was made. Improvise candidate experiences is the purpose, leaving a positive impression of the organization's hiring process.<br> <br> <b>Why Opportunityz.com?</b><br> <br> Opportunityz.com will strive to make a meaningful impact on every organization’s offer-to-joining ratio. When an offer-made entry is put at opportunityz without revealing sensitive info, it helps every other registered organization at opportunityz to search and view data on why a candidate has declined or seeking more offers, in spite of holding one or more already. It also shows cost incurred info like BGV completed or initiated by organizations for offers given, prompting candidate answers on 'why search still'. By and large, covers information that is critical to make an informed hiring decision.<br> <br> Visit http://www.opportunityz.com/ for more details

OPPORTUNITYZ.COM: Higher Onboarding Ratio