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Below has been provided a brief review of some of the best personal loan companies that offer payday loans to resident of the United States. A payday loan is a very small personal loan ranging from $50 to $2500 with a very short repayment period. Even people with very bad credit history are eligible to apply for this type of loan. Payday loans are usually unsecured loans and so you donot need to show any property when applying for such a loan. .1. Blue Trust Loans[ Blue Trust Loans is a payday lending company based in Winconsin, USA that was founded in 2014 and owned by a federal-recognized Native American Tribe. Blue Trust Loans is an installment payday loan company that offers loans of up to $1,000 for first-time customers and up to $1,250 for returning customers. The repayment terms are 6 Months long with anywhere from 6 to 24 payments. The stated interest rates range from 471.78% to 841.45% APR.Before applying for a Blue Trust Loan, the borrower or lender must be at least 18 years old and must be a United States Citizen. Lenders come from all 50 states. Click the link below to read more and how to sign up http://personalloanlenders.us/ 2. Check City Check City is an online payday loan company based in the United States and also having several storefront locations in many states in the USA. This was a company that was founded in 1986 making it one of the oldest payday loan company. Checkcity.com is a licensed lender based in Orem, Utah that offers online and storefront loans. The repayment period of a check city loan is 30 days. Check City offers loan amount ranging from $100 to $2500 with an interest rate of 214.71% to 920.17%. Checkcity.com offers loans over the phone, online and at their brick and mortar locations. If you visit a storefront, you could get cash within the same day but online loans can take one or two business days to process. Click the link below to read more and how to sign up http://personalloanlenders.us/

best personal loan lenders

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