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Inspired by rock climbers and alpinists, Topologie offers bracelets and bags that reconnect urban living and the spirit of exploration in the wild. The Topologie bracelets pay homage to the rock climbing hardwares, each carefully designed with a special finishing, combined with Japan-made climbing cord to match every style and outfit. Most Topologie buckles are made of jewelry-grade IP plated brass, offering a highly durable and hypoallergenic feature to your bracelets. The raw brass buckle, however, is specially designed without additional finishing. It takes on the ruggedness in mountain climbing gear to allow the metal to age naturally, developing its patina unique to your journey. Available in 2 styles and 6 finishings The Japan-made climbing cord used in each Topologie bracelet is crafted in the exact same way as the authentic climbing ropes with a quick-dry finish. The adjustable cord offers the right elasticity comfort to accompany you for years to come.

Inspired by Rock-climbing - Topologie

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