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Provided here are the 6 best email marketing software on the web . Anyone can use this software to create beautiful email campaigns and newsletters to send to their subscribers or contacts . You can use this marketing software to build your mailing list of hungry subscribers and can even divide your list into groups so that the messages you send gets deliver only to a specific group with similar interest . These marketing software will also enable you to know those that have view the messages you send , those that forwarded it to friends and more . The email marketing software listed below are been used by top businesses and organizations worldwide . Currently the top email marketing software on the web are : 1. Campaigner Campaigner is curremtly the best email marketing software on the internet . With this software you will be able to create targeted email campaigns to deliver to your recipients . This software is perfect for any individual , business or organization looking for a way to increase efficient communication with friends , customers and more . Campaigner has more than 500+ email templates that you can use in creating your campaigns organized into several categories such as invitations , press announcements , travel and more . If you donot want to use the templates you can create your own email campaigns from scratch if you want . Campaigner has a powerful autoresponder feature that you can schedule to send your messages at regular intervals of the day or week . With Campaigner you have the ability to create lists , view reports about the messages you have sent such as be able to know those people that have subscribed or insubscribed to your email lists . You can place the Campaigner’s sign-up Form on your website to collect visitors visiting your website . Anyone can try Campaigner completely free for 30 days . During the trial period you can use the 500+ email templates and can send 1000 email messages to your subscribers or contacts . Click the link below to read more and to sign-up with Campaigner To read the complete reviews of these best 6 email marketing software visit http://www.thebestemailmarketingcompanies.info/

Best Email Marketing Companies

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