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Best Pressure Washers of 2018 These best performing gas and electric models from CR's tests are perfect for your open air ventures Best Pressure Washers can work enchantment on concrete or decking, and the best can eradicate decades of stains with a short impact. Be that as it may, as Consumer Reports has shown in its tests, a weight washer is substantially more than a powerful garden hose. It can coordinate a surge of water with such power that it can pierce skin and even slice through defensive apparatus, including boots. That is the reason CR doesn't suggest any weight washers that incorporate a zero-degree tip or spout, which outfits water control into the best, most intense stream. "It's not simply that zero-degree spouts are risky; they're not by any stretch of the imagination fundamental," says Dave Trezza, who administers weight washer testing for Consumer Reports. "Our testing routinely finds that you can get similar outcomes with a little persistence and a 15-degree tip."

Top Rated Products Reviews Buyers Guide | Teach Be